Paul Heim pmheimjr at
Thu Mar 22 18:09:16 PDT 2012

Don't be deterred by the endless chain!  It's a great opportunity to get 
into every rear suspension bearing and see if they're worn or need grease 
(they do).

Paul in Ohio
Who is about to synchronize carburetors on a GPz1100 and a ZR7S, before he 
allows himself to ride in the 80 degree F Ohio weather.

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From: Art Johnson
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never had a chain come apart.
the old cb500 had many 530's with link.
just have a hard time believing a gpz with 2-3x the power can use the same 
my 96 gpz has original factory chain with 22,000kms
looking fwd to replacing sprockets, endless chain, NOT!

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