Bike-to-bike communication

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Sun Mar 25 01:01:11 PDT 2012

I use this one: (related to the one 
Alex linked to).

When I travel alone I connect it to my cell phone on which I have the 
navigation system. It works great and I can even have telephone 
conversations while riding. It is also possible to listen to radio, the 
music player or whatever.

If I have someone on the back seat I use it for rider/passenger 
communication. Sound quality is excellent and even though there is a 
volume adjustment option it appears to adjust the volume according to 
the background (wind) noise. The microphone doesn't easily pick up wind 
noise and communication is seamless up to about 130 km/h. Above that the 
wind noise from my microphone is beginning to be significant in the 
passenger's ears. Communication is possible up to around 160 km/h above 
which the wind noise in my helmet is so significant that it drowns out 
the voice of the passenger.

I have tried it bike to bike on a couple of occasions and it is truly 
amazing. At country road speeds you can have a conversation with your 
fellow rider as clear as if you were sitting in your favourite chair at 
home, even at a distance of several hundred meters. But - if you loose 
contact because line of sight is broken (e.g. a hilltop) connection is 
lost and can not be re-established automatically. You have to go through 
the pairing process again manually. Furthermore the F4 can only connect 
to one other unit at the time. That is if you are communicating with a 
passenger or another rider you can not also connect to your GPS or cell 
phone. You could get the impression from the web site that it can, but 
it can't. I bought this about one and a half years ago and I'm sure 
systems have improved since then. I don't know what's on the marked 
today but automatic re-establishing of connection and the possibility to 
connect to more that one other unit should be an ultimate requirement. 
These things are not cheap and I actually regret a little bit that I 
de-installed the cable bound Baehr system...

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 24-03-2012 21:23, Drew Blanchard skrev:
> The Wife and I are trying to plan (far) ahead for some longer trips this
> summer, me on the GPZ and she on her old Honda VTX 500.   We're really
> curious about anyone's experiences with bike-to-bike communication systems.
>   Since she and I both wear full face helmets, I'm not sure how well these
> systems will work for us.  We debated simply using our iPhones and ear
> buds, but I can't stand to ride without ear plugs, and ear buds just plain
> irritate my ears about 45 minutes or so, anyway.   I'm also a bit concerned
> about potential damage to the helmets, or damage to the units if we get
> caught in a downpour.
> Thoughts?
> Drew
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