Ron Jordan

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Thanks for sharing these pictures Rob.  I think I saw them all back in 2007
when you all did your trip reports but it was good to see them again.  I
went through all my pictures from 2001 when I went to Durango, but I only
caught Ron from the back in one picture.  Those were good times.

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I enjoyed knowing Ron over the years here on The List. Was a pleasure to
meet him in '07 at "Durango Fandango, The Silverton Edition." He was
energetic and fun to be around. I'm really not happy with this "cancer
thing" at all... >:-\

I've attached some pics from said gathering...
The first two - I first met Ron after waking at the Bent Elbow to find him
across the street, having arrived around 3am, changing the GPZ's oil in
his "garage."

Next is Ron taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, taking a
picture of me taking a picture of Utah Jeff and the SheepZZR at Sheep Mtn.
near Telluride.

The next photo is of Ron receiving his "High Miler" plaque at the Bent.

There's Ron "ridin' risky" back to his garage...

Last photo is "The Lineup"

That's all I got... Hope these all come through okay, maybe even in the
order of my comments...

Twist one for Ron! (A throttle, that is...) ;)


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