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It is nice to put a face to the name even if post facto as it were.
BTW, what was the vehicle that was the "garage"?
I often think of getting my ZZR into my Astro van to save on trailer rental but chicken out at the prospect of removing fairing, getting a ramp, etc.
Could those who worked "in the garage" tell how his Gpz fitted?
Did he remove the passenger seat, etc?
Randy in New Orleans.

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Rob, thanks so much for sharing the stories and pictures.  Changing the oil in the "garage" - that's great stuff.  I chuckled.


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> I enjoyed knowing Ron over the years here on The List. Was a pleasure to
> meet him in '07 at "Durango Fandango, The Silverton Edition." He was
> energetic and fun to be around. I'm really not happy with this "cancer
> thing" at all... >:-\
> I've attached some pics from said gathering...
> The first two - I first met Ron after waking at the Bent Elbow to find him
> across the street, having arrived around 3am, changing the GPZ's oil in
> his "garage."
> Next is Ron taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, taking a
> picture of me taking a picture of Utah Jeff and the SheepZZR at Sheep Mtn.
> near Telluride.
> The next photo is of Ron receiving his "High Miler" plaque at the Bent.
> There's Ron "ridin' risky" back to his garage...
> Last photo is "The Lineup"
> That's all I got... Hope these all come through okay, maybe even in the
> order of my comments...
> Twist one for Ron! (A throttle, that is...) ;)
> -Rob
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