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Fri May 25 10:15:20 PDT 2012

John, I use the Motocomm ST 1  system. The downside to this system is that 
there are a lot of wires. But it does everything, including Intercom and 
FRS/GMRS radio, mp3 player or Satellite radio ( I use either or on the FJR. 
For the other bikes I just use the MP3 player tucked into the tank bag) , 
GPS  and telephone. Right now the manufacturer only has referbs as he is 
waiting for a new model to be introduced in production. He's selling the 
referbs for $150. A couple of friends bought the Scala rider blutooth 
systems, the downside to these is the price and that you can only talk to 
other bikes using the same system. The upside is no or very little wiring. 
They generally run about $270 per headset.


<<I'm looking into buying a bike intercom so I can hear what my lady is 
on the back (my hearing is marginal at best nowadays ;-)  What have you
tried?  Any advice would be helpful.



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