Corbin saddle offer - or trade

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sun May 27 09:02:48 PDT 2012

Several years ago, I picked up a Corbin saddle to fit my '96 GPZ 1100 from,
I think, Dave Daniels.  It's never fit me quite right, and I'm putting the
stock seat back on.  I originally intended to send the Corbin down to the
folks at Sargent Cycle to be rebuilt, reshaped and recovered, but they
actually strongly advised against it.  They said the fiberglass shell on
Corbin saddles makes it difficult to work with, and suggested I send it
back to Corbin.  I've dealt with Sargent several times over the years and
remain immensely impressed with their skills,  and I decided if they won't
work their magic on the saddle then it needs to find a new home.

I offer this to the list with a variation on the deal I got from Dave: I'll
send you the Corbin for free if you first make a $50 - $75 donation to the
folks at, to help pay for server space and other expenses
associated with this and other lists.  Alternately, *I * will make a
donation to if someone is willing to trade for a stock saddle
- it doesn't have to be in great shape, but needs a solid pan so I can sent
it to Sargent Cycle (and it needs to fit the GPZ E1 or E2 body).  I have a
shipping box and packing materials from Sargent which will perfectly fit
the Corbin, and experience says shipping could be around $40 - but, again,
I'll ship and send for free if you donate to Micapeak or offer a trade.

Pictures available on request.  Saddle is showing some slight cracking in
the cover, and a minor wear/tear on the back edge (and it really is minor),
but this is, overall, in pretty good shape.

Any takers?  I really don't want to put this up on FleaBay.

Drew in VT

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