balmy day here

schnowz schnowz at
Mon Nov 12 16:32:20 PST 2012

Thats a bummer Ralph. The sound of trees cracking in the night is a little unsettling. I have my neighbors trees leaning over my house and in a storm prior to Sandy I had one that was further away snap in half and come crashing down. I was waiting for the thud but it missed the house.
  Randy the majority of the oil collects in the spark plug recess in the head effecting the ceramic. I know it shouldn't, but I think maybe it penetrates between the cerramic and the metal body also. In the past I''ve seen brown marks on the ceramic at this junction. Could also just be from the spark tracking on the outside..
 Maybe once the plug starts missing it builds up contaminents on the inside porcelin also.
Pete S

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