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I'd be glad to send some pictures to let you take a look.  I love the ZRX /
LSL setup and the bend is very comfortable for me.  I've got some vestiges
of carpal tunnel from being a beancounter for 30+ years and the
setup doesn't bother my wrists at all.  I do have problems with my right
thumb going numb, but that's the carpal tunnel acting up.  In order for me
to do the distances I like to do, like riding through northwestern
Canukistan, I use both a Throttlemeister and a Throttle Rocker which allows
me to open my hand and keeps my thumb from going numb.  I've done more than
a few 500 mile days this way with little to no hand fatigue.  Usually it's
my fat ass that gets numb after that many miles.  :-)

Charles S.>>

I did the LSL bar conversion about 8 years ago. It was a definite game 
changer. It made the bike MUCH more comfortable. I had the stock bars on 
there with Gen mars which did little for me. I had all kinds of carple 
tunnel going on at that point. The LSL conversion really changed things. I 
used the LSL bars that came with the kit. They are the superbiker bend which 
puts your arms wide with a  slightly cantered forward pull. Supposedly the 
ZRX bars straighten all that out. I will see soon.

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