USB Phone Charger?

M & J Mason masonjs at
Sat Sep 15 06:23:58 PDT 2012

I'd say go with the lighter socket as it is more versitile. You can run a 
small air compressor, a Pelletier effect refrigerator/heater, electric 
clothing, coffee maker and even a lighter.  Just get one with a spring 
loaded cover.  The cover makes it a bit of a bitch to operate with one hand. 
The previous owner of my vstrom mounted one deep inside the fairing on the 
left fork leg .  I can't get two hands in to remove it so it will stay until 
I have to remove the fairing for some reason like moving the plug.

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> Anybody mount a USB charging port 
> ( to the 
> Geepz?  Then again, maybe a lighter socket with a USB adaptor would be 
> more versatile.  Whatta ya think?
> '95 GPZ
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