All dogs go to Heaven

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Sun Sep 16 08:00:30 PDT 2012

Sorry to hear about Casey Bill.  She did have a very long life for a large 
dog and by the sound of it a happy life.  She couldn't have asked for more.
I know after my lab Boston died I didn't want another pet.  But my daughter 
Liz showed up in December 2010 with a black 5 kg bundle of lab.  Levi is now 
just a week short of 2.  He'll probably out live me.  Hell Marilyn would 
probably put me down before Levi.

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> Well, I put down Casey, my 15 yr old chocolate lab, today.  She was 
> riddled
> with cancer, had laryngeal paralysis, and as of this morning, couldn't 
> stand
> on her hind legs.  Despite all of that, she still wagged her tail every 
> time
> she saw me, even today, and right before the doctor administered the 
> lethal
> dose, she licked my face as if to say goodbye.
> I was never allowed to have pets growing up, so she was my first dog.  She
> was a good dog and I loved her dearly.  I am crying tears of sadness for
> myself, but tears of joy for her, because she's not suffering anymore. 
> Dogs
> don't deserve to suffer, especially after all of the love that they share
> unconditionally with their families.  I miss her fiercely already.
> I know she's in a better place now, because for the first time in years
> she's chasing rabbits at full speed again... in Heaven.  For that, and for
> 15 years of joy having had her as my dear pet, I am grateful.
> Goodbye Casey, happy hunting!!
> Bill in Yardley, PA
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