Need a new battery again!

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Wed Apr 24 11:40:01 PDT 2013

Speaking of overcharging this was my problem several years ago. I wasn't 
really aware of it in the beginning because the first time the battery 
boiled up and died it was 4 years old and I blamed myself for not having 
maintained it properly during winter. The second battery died on me just 
2 years later, but it was a low quality, no name battery so I still 
didn't suspect any electrical fault. When the third battery (a Yuasa) 
started smelling on a trip I finally measured the charge voltage and 
found it to be over 18v. No wonder the battery was cooking. There is an 
easy fix though. There are three wires from the generator and one of 
them (the brown wire) 'sniffs' the voltage in the wiring harness. If 
this is low for whatever reason the generator is directed to increase 
its output (this is how I was told it works - I am by no means an auto 
electrics expert...). By cutting the brown wire and connecting it to the 
battery (+) through a breaker it will always 'sense' adequate voltage 
and the generator will charge accordingly. This was supposed to be a 
temporary fix, but I never found the reason for the overcharge. 
Everything electrical on the bike has always worked as it should and I 
didn't even blow any bulbs despite the serious overcharge. This 
'temporary fix' is now going into its 7th season, so it will probably 
turn into a permanent fix... ;)

I mentioned this on out list back in 2006 but I don't recall any others 
ever mentioning anything about having an overcharge problem. But if 
anyone does have this I can recommend the fix. Just let me know if a 
more detailed description is required.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 24-04-2013 17:57, JOHN SOLIDAY skrev:
> I agree that the topping off is the sign of a minor problem at best.  The charging systems of our GPZ are not the most sophisticated and IMHO that tend to overcharge and boil the acid.  Interesting note is you really shouldn't top them off with acid as what is boiling off is the water vapor.  If you put distilled water in, the acid pH will remain constant, if you top off with acid the acid pH has to get more acidic so it can't be good for the cells.
> John

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