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> Speaking of overcharging this was my problem several years ago. I wasn't 
> really aware of it in the beginning because the first time the battery 
> boiled up and died it was 4 years old and I blamed myself for not having 
> maintained it properly during winter. The second battery died on me just 
> 2 years later, but it was a low quality, no name battery so I still 
> didn't suspect any electrical fault. When the third battery (a Yuasa) 
> started smelling on a trip I finally measured the charge voltage and 
> found it to be over 18v. No wonder the battery was cooking. There is an 
> easy fix though. There are three wires from the generator and one of 
> them (the brown wire) 'sniffs' the voltage in the wiring harness. If 
> this is low for whatever reason the generator is directed to increase 
> its output (this is how I was told it works - I am by no means an auto 
> electrics expert...). By cutting the brown wire and connecting it to the 
> battery (+) through a breaker it will always 'sense' adequate voltage 
> and the generator will charge accordingly. This was supposed to be a 
> temporary fix, but I never found the reason for the overcharge. 
> Everything electrical on the bike has always worked as it should and I 
> didn't even blow any bulbs despite the serious overcharge. This 
> 'temporary fix' is now going into its 7th season, so it will probably 
> turn into a permanent fix... ;)
> I mentioned this on out list back in 2006 but I don't recall any others 
> ever mentioning anything about having an overcharge problem. But if 
> anyone does have this I can recommend the fix. Just let me know if a 
> more detailed description is required.
> Ped
> '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark

Is it just me or does this sound like a bad voltage regulator or rectifier is the problem?
I have a new Deka battery sitting in a shelf ready to install.  The previous battery is doing just fine, but it's 6+ years old.  Even with a battery tender and always being indoors I don't trust it for a long trip.
-Phil Hamm 		 	   		  

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