Clutches and oil.

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Rotella is designed for wet clutch hydrostatic systems in heavy equipment which should make it compatible with motorcycle clutches.

Mike B.

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They changed the composition of full synthetics several years ago for gasoline automobile engines. It isn't the base oil that's the problem, its the additives that can contaminate the clutch friction discs. From what I understood, that change didn't happen to diesel oils, like the Rotella, but since then I suppose its which case I'll be bummed out because that's my favorite motorcycle oil as it helps make the shifting buttery smooth....I also use it in my VW and Mercedes.

Moto specific oil is also very important because it lubes both engine where there is high heat and soot and blow by combustion gasses, and transmission where there is a lot of shear stresses on the oil in the gears...couple that with EPA mandated additives (friction modifiers) that replaced the good, but less environmentally friendly additives that now contaminate the clutch, and I'll never use auto oil again, dino or synth.

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