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Thu Aug 8 10:12:22 PDT 2013

Get out a rattle can of black and you have a bat-cycle.

On Thursday 08/08/2013 at 11:28 am, Philip Hamm  wrote:
> I don't know if this has been posted here...
> from the original craigslist ad (since removed)
> Up for sale is a one of a kind 95 ZX 1100 Project Bike.
> This bike has had the following modifications:
> The rear swing arm has been welded together with a ducati single side 
> swing arm and has been extended.
> The front forks have been cut and had a ducati single side swing arm 
> to it.
> There is a front shock added to the front fork.
> Marchesini Wheels - Both are rear wheels. Back wheel has car tire on 
> it.
> The front swingarm/fork has a second rotor added to it on the same 
> side.
> Brembo front & rear brake calipers.
> The frame has been welded and cut in multiple locations.
> The front fairing has an extended stay and is off a R1.
> The radiator is layed flat under the fron fairing.
> The exhaust headers have been cut.
> The handle bars have been welded straight.
> The gas tank is rusted with holes on the sides from being filing. 
> Possibly to thin the tank.
> The tank and tail fairing are not attached.
> Has harness, CDI and fuse box.
> This bike comes with no paperwork and sold as is.
> Email if you have any questions.
> -Phil
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