New Ninja 1000?

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Fri Dec 6 07:52:19 PST 2013

So, I'm grappling with this a bit.  I love the Geeper - I really, really
do.  But it has a few shortcomings and compromises that I'm not sure I want
to continue dealing with: the front suspension, and carbs.  Even with the
fork brace installed, and refreshened fork internals, the lack of
adjustability and basic small fork size (for a relatively heavy bike) can't
be overcome.  I'm also tired of constantly fiddling with carb issues.  Now
Kawi add ABS and luggage to  the Ninja 1000, and I'm feeling a strong
desire to move to fuel injection and better suspenders.  Anyone out there
ridden one of these bikes?  If so, how do they compare to the GPZ?  I
imagine it'll be down a bit on power and torque from what I have now, but I
no longer feel the need to win every stop light drag race.

I have all winter to think about this (the Ducati Diavel is just too far
out of reach), but I *am* thinking about it …

Drew in VT

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