New Ninja 1000?

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Fri Dec 6 10:26:56 PST 2013

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There are major differences between the two motorcycles. The GPZ is still 
smoother than the FJR at almost any speed. But the FJR is more powerful by a 
lot. It feels like I'm riding a Saturn V rocket when I gun it. With my bad 
back and hips and knees the FJR can be painful for me to ride because of the 
width of the tank. In fact to mount it I have to stand on the left side peg 
to get my leg over. I put on  a peg lowering kit on the FJR as well as bar 
risers. When I'm rolling it is super comfortable. I have the V Stream 
windshield on mine so when it's cold its all the way up and blocking 
everything . I'm looking through it. When its down I get wind over it, 
though it could be an inch shorter and it would be perfect. A Sargents seat 
helped out a lot with they comfort as the stock seat is pretty awful. I did 
a 670 mile trip to Columbus, Ohio this past summer, and coming back I did 
two full tankfuls non stop.  (Meaning one tankful, gassed up got lunch, got 
back on did another full tankful and gassed again. The MPG on the FJR is not 
spectacular unless you are watching the instant mileage gauge and riding by 
that. Usually I get 37-39 under normal riding conditions. On the highway 
I've gotten as high as 44. I use mine almost exclusively for traveling. It's 
just too much bike for average riding short distance stuff for me, 
especially with my back, hip and knee arthritis going on. The seat is very 
tall for me my 32" inseam screws me up on a bike with a 32" seat height. I 
always have to be very careful where I land the thing. The GPZ is a 
lightweight toy comparatively. Of course I'm still riding my YZF600 more 
than either of them yet so make of it what you will.

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff. 

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