New Ninja 1000?

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Fri Dec 6 17:49:36 PST 2013

<<That's a lot of support for the FJR. I have been going back and forth 
between the FJR and the Kawasaki Concours 1400. You guys are pushing me 
toward the FJR!  Any comments on the Connie?>>

I've ridden both Dave. You can’t lose with either of them. Though I would 
stay away from any of the 2nd gen Connies except the 2010 and up models. The 
08 and 09's were heavy handling beasts. They fixed that in '10 and up.  The 
FJR always handled like a sport bike to me, though it is big and heavy,but 
so is the Connie. The Connie has a very slick shifting transmission which I 
really liked. I have no issue with my FJR.  But if I was able to get the 
same deal I did on the FJR on a Connie I might have gone that route.  Bottom 
line is both are big, heavy bikes. Something the new Ninja 1000 with the 
hard bags isn't. So if I got rid of a bunch of metal this year I  could see 
myself ending up with a Ninja 1000.

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff. 

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