doing the unthinkable

Jonathon annihilator1100 at
Sat Feb 9 19:11:53 PST 2013

I’ve had the 96 since new and most it’s life it’s been in 1 state of being disassembled or another. Must explain my 5900 odometer reading. Any you original old time list members need any parts, maybe stock up on something? A few years ago I got a lot of stuff chromed, like the wheels, and dumped 5 grand into it.
Let’s face reality. I’m 46 and have neither the time or body to do long distance touring. I am getting weak and the 1100 is way to heavy for me to hold up.

I am starting to appreciate old school bobbers, I’m considering turning the gpz into a rigid frame bobber. 

If anyone is interested, let me check with a few bike shops in the spring to see how much it will be. But I would be selling the body, tank, 2 seats, signals, mirrors, chromed wheels, fenders, etc.
The only thing I’d be saving would be frame, front end, drivetrain. I would prefer to sell everything in 1 sale, and I have very fair prices.

Y’all think I am insane?

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