doing the unthinkable

masonjs at masonjs at
Sun Feb 10 09:14:19 PST 2013

 I am getting weak and the 1100 is way to heavy for me to hold up.

If you think a GPz is heavy and hard on your 46 year old frame , you 
can't imagine how bad a 160 mph hard tailed bobber will beat you up.

I am starting to appreciate old school bobbers, I’m considering 
turning the gpz into a rigid frame bobber.

 Now I would have liked a GPz drive train to turn into a very quick 
Morgan type 3 wheeler.  It would have a lot more go than the original 
JAP 1 liter V twin.
In my yoot I chopped a couple of HD's that would now be collector's 
items.  Back then they were about the cheapest way we could get a 
motorcycle. Usually $100.00 - $200.00 apiece.  We figured we were 
doing wonders if we could plug them up enough to have a bike full oil 
stay in the bike for more than a day.
 We didn't Orange County chop these.  We had neither the $ nor the 
expertise to make them fast.  We removed all the excess weight just to 
get more speed.  You couldn't get too much more quickness as none of 
us ever figured out how to correct the sloppiness in the f#@*%g hand 
shift linkage.   I can tell you I wasn't long putting the rod & spring 
seat suspension back on my 47 knuckle head after about 5 miles of 
riding hard tail on frost heaved Ontario roads.


Y’all think I am insane?

Pretty much.  But if you've got your heart set on this you'll need a 
standard bobber rider head rag.  You might want to ask Doniego de la 
French for the nice * "Stars & Bars" banbana he bought at Irv's Gas "n 
Go in Ozan Arkansas back in "02".

*CSA flag

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