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> Hi Phil. One thing to bear in mind with the gpz is that it's a very simple ?motorcycle, ?and actually pretty easy to repair. Not that I've had any problems with the FJR, but I've read enough crazy things going on with these new bikes that I have reservations about selling the gpz. Every year I go through the "is it time to sell the GPZ?" ?thing and then I start to hear horror stories from guys who have to replace ecu's just to get their cooling fans running again and similar things. I keep my gpz as a backup these days because it's easy to maintain and it costs me nothing to hold onto. I ?have had to use it for that purpose too.?
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My experience with my #3 carb going south on me 200 miles from home on the first day of a planned 6 day road trip a couple years ago sours me on the "old tech" aspect of the GPz.  If I never have an ICE powered anything with carbs again it will be too soon.  Thankfully I was able to procure replacement parts thanks to this great resource, but I'd just as soon have a fuel injected bike.

-Phil Hamm

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