Never thought this day would come

Sid Young sid.young at
Sun Jun 16 21:20:50 PDT 2013


It sounds like a blocked vent somewhere... maybe a bug has flow into a vent
tube and blocked it up... down here in Oz we have mud wasps that like to
make  a nest into anything they can, its not uncommon to find them trying
to make a nest under a tank, in the overflow pipe of a toilet, even clothes
hanging on the line to dry!

The tank should have a vent pipe at the filler that you could blow out, the
carbs also typically have vents on some model bikes.


On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 3:29 PM, <junkyardhotrod at> wrote:
> >
> >     Really considering trading in the Geeper on an 05 FJR. Have to do
> some
> > research, don't know anything about them.
> >     Been fighting a tank vent issue for a while now, tried a pingle pet
> > cock blew out the vents and it still randomly runs out of fuel, pull
> over,
> > open the gas cap and it starts right back up, may run the rest of the
> day,
> > or may run 10 miles, you never know.
> >     Took a trip to Glenwood Springs this weekend, had to do the pullover
> > and reset thing 3 times in about 650 miles, and I noticed it just didn't
> > feel as good as it used to, the steering head is loose again and it used
> a
> > little oil, but still ran great (when there was fuel in the bowls) and
> kept
> > up with the guys on the beemers and FJRs who were running way faster than
> > you should.
> >     I have a lot of good memories on this old bike in the last 40,000 or
> > so miles, but that fuel injection and saddlebags are very tempting, at
> > least I have until tues to think about it.
> >
> >     Mike in CO


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