My turn....

Steven Bixby steven at
Sun Jun 23 17:00:09 PDT 2013

Thanks, guys.

I'm going to post my GPZ for take-away real soon now, so I'll have to 
drop off the list as to not offend y'all with stories of wonderful 
FJR-ness. :>

One last offer to the group - I have my 95 GPZ, about 27K miles, 
currently not in running shape.  The bodywork is rough, the saddle is 
toast, the chain and sprockets were already due for replacement. The 
tires are relatively fresh, although they've been inactive for about 3 
(?) years.

If a lister close to the San Francisco area wants to come and get it, 
I'll part with it for a piddly $200 - enough to fund a couple farkles 
for the FJR.   Otherwise I'll Craigslist it for about $500 or so.

Semi-related - I will probably also sell my ST1300 in about a month or 
so, if that intrigues anyone.  2004, blue, about 82K miles.

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