how many?

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Mon Mar 25 19:32:04 PDT 2013

<<Still have mine, planning another long trip this summer though
unfortunately, I won't make it back to Alaska. Maybe next summer.  Thinking
about Missouri, Arkansas,etc.. in late June. Have some business to take
care of in Arkansas.

Charles S.>>

I MAY actually be going to Arkansas next month Charles I have another novel 
coming out and there's a pulp convention down there I was invited to by the 
publisher. Though I'm sure I'll be taking the FJR if I do go. Right now I 
can't find anyone who wants to take the ride with me (1300 mile trip, I 
figured about 9 days total gone from here)  so I'm not sure if its going to 
happen yet. We'll see

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff. 

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