how many?

masonjs at masonjs at
Wed Mar 27 05:59:55 PDT 2013

I don't have Ruby any more.  With the insurance rates in Ontario 
($661.00 for the Vstrom this year) I couldn't afford to insure 2 bikes 
and ride enough to make it seem reasonable.  Our insurance companies 
don't give any breaks on mulitble bikes as they do cars, trucks and 
 I still have the 1970 Triumph scrambler and a 250 honda xl that don't 
see a lot of use.
We are still up to our asses in snow here.  It will probably be mid 
April before I can free the bikes from the garage and through a 1.5 
meter (5') snow drift in front of the door.
I can't even get into the other garage to get at the ATV and wood 
splitter as the bottom of the door is encased in 10 cm (5") of ice.
But on the bright nside with the freezing nights and warm 10C (50F) we 
have excellent weather for collecting sap from the maple trees to make 


On Wednesday 27/03/2013 at 7:52 am, Ped  wrote:
> Don't know if my reply ever got through, but I'm still around too. Now
> with 148.000 km (92.000 miles) and still going strong :)
> Ped
> '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark
> Den 26-03-2013 02:20, William K Denton skrev:
>> Does anyone on this list still own a 95-96 GPz1100 other than Ralph 
>> and me?
>> Let's count 'em, shall we?
>> Bill Denton
>> Yardley, PA
>> wkdenton at
>> Lazarus Cycleworks, LLC
>> We Breathe New Life into Old Bikes
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