First Ride of the season

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun May 12 18:52:17 PDT 2013

Finally got the GPZ out today for about a 170 mile ride.  I figured I'd
just take it easy today, first time out and rusty after the first winter in
a long time I haven't been to the motocross track with my KX250.  Checked
the tire pressure, rolled it out and hit the starter button and had to
smile as it fired up first press of the starter.  Headed up 285 to Pine
Junction and then south through Deckers where I stopped for a drink then on
to Woodland Park.  Past snow covered Pikes Peak, through Colorado Springs
past the Air Force Academy, and then back via Palmer Lake Road.

The old GPZ felt good and the bike had no issues, but it only took one ride
to remember why I hate riding around assholes on Harley's.  You can't pass,
they are dangerous riders who don't ride a proper stagger, and they can't
hold a line through a corner to save their lives.  I followed a group of
ten for about 30 miles with no way to pass and was frustrated as hell by
the time I got away from them.  The worst was a skinny gal wearing skin
tight jeans and high heel boots while dancing around on her bike.  Stupid
bitch was dangerous as hell and I made sure to stay 100 yards or so behind
them.  Me and Hardley's don't mix to say the least.

Still have to replace a weepy fork seal, grease the rear brake pivot shaft,
and replace the squeaky rear brake pads, but otherwise it should be good
for the summer.

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