Carb problems

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun May 12 18:57:17 PDT 2013

Amen to that Bill, and sometimes even that doesn't work.

Last Sunday I listed my daughters bike on craigslist and after a couple of
days I started getting e-mails on it.  On Friday, two guys showed up at the
same time, one got pissed and left.  The other didn't buy it because out of
the blue it won't idle.  I pulled the carb and blew it out and changed the
pilot jet and it still won't idle, so he left too.  I cleaned the carb two
more times Friday night with no luck.  All the spraying and blowing did
nothing, and to make it worse, the fuel line cracked and broke twice.  I
just gave up and said fuck it.  Saturday afternoon I took it to Grand
Pricks Motorsports where the little 19 year old behind promptly proceeded
to get in an argument with me because I wouldn't pay for them to flush the
tank.  When I said I don't need to flush the damn tank because it's got a
fuel filter on it, he proceeds to lecture me about the bike not being
designed for a fuel filter.  Is this little fuck for real??  I finally got
pissed off and told him I went to American Motorcycle Institute about 20
years before he was born, worked in a Kawasaki shop as a mechanic while
going to school, and I restore bikes for fun and probably forgot more about
bikes than he knows.  Goddamn little cocksuckers...  Finally I got it
checked in and left it to see if they can ultrasonically clean it and get
it to idle.

Charles "Grumpy" S.

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 10:10 AM, William K Denton <wkdenton at>wrote:

> < it would not idle without the choke on again.>
> Tom,
> In the era of 10% ethanolic fuel, the answer is simple:  your pilot jets
> have gummed over.  You can try a double dose (2oz/gallon) of seafoam first,
> but the most foolproof way to fix is to remove the carbs and physically
> clean the pilot jets.
> Good luck.  Not a difficult problem to solve, but it does involve removing
> the carbs.  In my experience the hardest part of the entire job is getting
> the upstream boots (from the airbox) back onto all four carb throats.  A
> set
> of dental picks helps a lot.  So does patience and beer.
> Word(s) to the wise (and anyone else who will listen); use a fuel
> stabilizer
> on every fillup all year round and store with your fuel tank full when not
> riding, even is season.  This will cut down on your fuel related carb
> problems by 90% or more.  Use a 1/2 label dose of stabilizer in season and
> a
> full dose out of season for every tankfull.
> Bill Denton
> Yardley, PA
> wkdenton at
> Lazarus Cycleworks, LLC
> We Breathe New Life into Old Bikes
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