First Ride of the season

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Mon May 13 08:55:41 PDT 2013


I'm 5'8 and running a stock height windscreen.  The wind hits me right
below the chin and my head is in clear air.  I'm guessing if it's hitting
your chin, it's bouncing your head around and that will definitely make you
tired.  I like to ride 400+ mile days when I go on trips, and have the
Corbin seat, LSL bar conversion kit and ZRX-1200 handle bars and this setup
works for me (up two inches and back about 2 1/2 inches).  If you're
running stock bars, you might try the GenMars or something similar to raise
your head up slightly.  YMMV of course.

Charles S.
On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 8:22 AM, Alan Nicholls <metrogtiguy at>wrote:

> How tall are you?  I can't ride my 95' for more than an hour without
> feeling beat up and tired.  I rode my bike from Detroit to Bay City last
> fall, and that was about as far as I'd ever want to go on mine.  The wind
> on the freeway beats my head up, and I'm leaning over a bit far.  I've got
> gel grips, and a corbin seat, but those just seem to make long rides suck
> less.  I'm 6', and it seems to put the air flow over the windscreen right
> above my chin.  Just enough to make it loud, and make my helmet dance
> around.  The only relief I get on the freeway is leaning on the tank, but
> that makes my back hurt after a few mins.

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