was First Ride, now fork seal cleaner tool

dominatr37 dominatr37 at optonline.net
Tue May 14 17:44:02 PDT 2013

<<Hi Ralph,

Interesting tool.  I recently read about this in MCN but, unlike the online
ad, the magazine review said that it was only applicable for upside down
forks.  I guess they were mistaken.

I think I'll get one of these and try it next time I get a "weeper".
Coincidentally, I just replaced the fork seals on my CB-X three weeks ago
for this very reason.

Bill Denton>>

Bill, the guys on the FJR List recommended it to me and have used it prior 
to my trying it, so I knew it worked on regular forks as well before I 
bought it. It DID work, and I was as surprised as anyone, believe me.

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff.

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