was First Ride, now fork seal cleaner tool & back to first ride.

Arthur Robinson art.robinson at rogers.com
Wed May 15 07:15:29 PDT 2013

Nice account Mr. Jim and you're still made of pretty stout stuff.... However
the memory could be a little better... Got colder in the evening...4°C,

Art in TO (who hasn't even been out yet!)

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I got out on my first ride of the season today.
It was a spur of the moment thing.  My wife and her sister had gone to a
65th birthday and retirement dinner for our brother in law in Port Elmsley
about 175 km (110 miles away.  I cut the lawn and thought hell I'm up for a
free prime rib dinner I'll take the bike.  First I had to find it under a
mountain of yard sale crap.  Added air to the tires lubed the chain then
went to get my gear.  I found Levi my labrador 
had eaten  my left cold weather glove.   All I could find was my right 
hand skidoo glove.  I fpound a pair of elk skin gloves that I  from Steve
Northrup.  It was 16C (62F) I figured these'll do.  Not thinking I'd be
returning in of the evening.
It was a beautiful day so I rode over to Calabogie and took 511 the Lanark
road..  50 km of twisties.  After 3 hours I managed to make it to Port
Elmsley and supper.  By the time I was ready to leave the temperature was 4c
(40F).  I had packed long underwear but not my electric vest.  I scrounged a
pair of snowmobile mitts from the host and took off.  The darker it got the
colder it got.  A stop for gas and 1.5 hours later I pulled in the driveway.
Both my knee caps were nearly frozen.  I've had this before and dropped my
old Yamaha 650 twin in Kirkland Lake when I stopped and my frozen knees
wouldn't move .  I remembered this and as I rolled into town I removed my
feet from the pegs and moved my legs around .
I'll have to install my heated grips.  I'm glad I had the mitts.
Still a cold ride is better than no ride.

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