Warning - Grand Pricks Motorsports - Denver CO

Don French dondiego at evansville.net
Tue May 28 21:18:55 PDT 2013

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.
$300.00 for an incorrect repair?
Who ya gonna call? BBB, busters.
Don't tell us, Scappi, document and feed the info to the legalese who will help others to not be forevermore ripped off by the same shop. 
Love ya bro.

> Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 11:44:17 -0600
> Subject: Warning - Grand Pricks Motorsports - Denver CO
> From: scapco at ecentral.com
> To: DONDIEGO at evansville.net
> I think I mentioned the other day about taking my daughters TTR-125 to
> Grand Pricks Motorsports to get a clog out of the carb I was having no luck
> with.  Lots of BS with the “know it all” 19 year old service writer and
> when I went to pick it up, I had a $300 bill!!
> Saturday before last when we went to pick it up, my ex and I got in a big
> fight with the Grand Pricks Motorsports service manager. This f-ing asshole
> proceeds to back up his idiot service writer and says “you should never use
> a fuel filter on a gravity feed carburetor”. HUH???  Has anyone on this
> list ever been told a crock like this?  I had started right off telling the
> service manager my background and not to treat me like I’m some clueless
> customer, but obviously he could not have cared less. He proceeds to tell
> me the technology has changed and you aren't supposed to use fuel filters
> on non-injected bikes anymore. Funny, but the petcock and fuel line on the
> 69 Honda Mini-Trail I once owned look exactly like the petcock and fuel
> line on her 2006 TTR-125 and they both use carburetors. When he said this I
> just grabbed the receipt out of his hand told him this was a f***ing waste
> of my time and walked to the cashier and paid the bill. Marsha sat and
> argued with the guy while I was loading the bike up. She is actually much
> better at arguing than I (
> she’s an insurance adjuster) and ripped the guy
> up for losing a customer and for their complete lack of customer service.
> This butt head actually told her he tells his service people to hard upsell
> services like tank cleans, etc.  I’m sure he tells customers not to use
> fuel filters so he gets to do lots of carb cleans.  He actually said that
> the tank was full of very dirty gas (I had dumped four float bowls of the
> fresh gas I had just put into the bike) and when Marsha said we would be
> contacting the owner he throws out that he had already talked to the owner
> and shown him the dirty gas. Sure he did, I bet he shows the owner every
> tank of dirty gas that comes in the shop, dim wit. Even Marsha had enough
> of his lies and BS and walked out. Interestingly, there was this very
> attractive gal yelling at another service writer and she was madder than
> hell at them. She had a large Suzuki Boulevard cruiser she was picking up
> and was mad because they had screwed something up. While I was loading
> Jamie's bike, I watched her load her bike up in her trailer (of course I
> did, she was definitely worth looking at!) and we exchanged waves when we
> left because she knew how pissed we were too.
> We will write a letter to the owner and won't be nice. It will do no good,
> but after I put my bad experience out on the internet and pass the word
> around to other people, I will damn well cost these assholes more than
> $175. When we got home from Grand Pricks, I started it up and rode it
> around to be sure it was running okay which it was. Later that evening,
> when we came home from dinner, there is a foot round puddle of gas under it
> and the garage stinks of gas. I rolled it outside and found: 1. The carb
> overflow hose is not connected. 2. He lost the clamp that goes on the hose
> from the air box to the carb. This is one where I had converted the factory
> clamp to Allen head, now there is a shiny 25 cent hose clamp on it. 3. The
> new fuel line he installed is about 3/4 inch too short, so when the petcock
> is turned on, it leaks. Un-f-ing-believeable!!
> So, as I told the idiot at Grand Pricks, I am spreading the word, if you
> are anywhere near the Denver area, never take a bike to Grand Pricks
> Motorsports for service of any kind unless you like crappy service.
> Charles S.
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