Last ride of the 2013 season

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Wed Nov 6 15:43:51 PST 2013

I decided to move my old 1970 Triumph down to the garage at the 
cottage to make more room in this garage.
 I went up and checked the Triumph. It was low on gas, the gas was 
stale and it didn't have a battery. I took the battery out of the atv 
(its actually the one for the Triumph), and installed the one out of 
the Suzuki vstrom into the atv (I put the Suzuki away Yesterday). 
You're wondering why I just didn't put the Suzuki battery in the 
Triumph. Its too tall. I put a block of Styrofoam under the Triumph 
battery when its in the ATV. I had to go to Kenny's store to get gas 
As I had dumped all the spare gas into the ATV yesterday.
When I got back I dumped a gallon of fresh gas into the tank with out 
getting rid of the old gas from May 2012. After a dozen kicks still 
nothing. I didn't want to drain the tank so I got a syringe , loaded 
it with fresh gas, removed the right cylinder spark plug injected the 
gas into the cylinder replaced the spark plug and kicked the bike 
over. 2nd kick and it was running, not well but running. It quit while 
I was getting my riding gear on.. I had to give it another injection 
to get it running again.
It farted and stumbled on its way up the driveway but seemed to clear 
up once I got it going down Rapid road in 2nd gear. I was less than a 
kilometer into the ride when the left side plug fouled and I lost 1/2 
of my engine. I kept going on one cylinder figuring the left one would 
I had about 1/2 a kilometer left when the engine died. I looked down 
and saw the right hand plug wire had come off. I was about to put it 
back on when I remembered a similar incident from my youth.
 I had a plug wire come off one cylinder of my Matchless. But the 
Matchless 650 was still running on one cylinder and turning about 4000 
rpm. I grabbed the plug wire and immediately got 25,000 volts or what 
ever Lucas was putting out about 33 times per second.  Similar 
experience to urinating on an electric fence.
I didn't want that sensation again so I pulled in the clutch so the 
engine wasn't turning over. I grabbed the plug wire and pushed it on 
the plug. I got my right hand off the plug and onto the throttle grip 
before I dumped the clutch. Not only did the right cylinder fire but 
also the left got a couple of blasts from the raw gas in the  mufflers 
and I was back on both cylinders.
I walked the 3 miles back to the cottage/house.  It was 10C I should 
have left my riding jacket in the garage as I was soaked with sweat by 
the time I got back.
I went back later to retrieve my helmet, gloves, the battery from the 
Triumph.  Then, put some rodent poison around the bikes and covered 
them up.  I drained the Triumph fuel tank and put the gas in my 
snowblower.  Those Briggs & Straten engines will eat anything.
 I'll have to get the snow blower over here soon.


On Wednesday 06/11/2013 at 5:55 pm, schnowz  wrote:
> Where do you see the price? This dealer wasn't known for Bargains at 
> least under the old managment.
> An update to the center stand issue on mine. The bolt and frame lug 
> hole was worn and creating all kinds of play at the pivot . I'm having 
> a new bolt made up with grease fittings. Hope thats the issue..
> On another subject - on the news last night they were saying how 
> mechanics have been seeing a big rise in rotted  brake lines on cars 
> from the liquid de-icer. Apparantly most states uses an anti-corrosive 
> agent mixed in there but CT is too damn cheap. I know it has done a 
> number on my swing arm.
> Pete S
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