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I concur, Romania and the entire Balkan region are well worth a visit. Unfortunately, during my 2011 trip to Romania transportation was by rented car not bike. 
The Balkans are a quaint reminder of life under the East Block rule and if interested I  suggest you visit it before it becomes totally modernized.   
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I was there in 2012 and for me it was the most memorable motorcycle experience ever. I rented for a few days and got to see what I wanted to see then joined a group led by a native. It was good that he knew the best roads and scenery. Didn't get to go in private homes though unfortunately.
 Mine was a small group German and Brits. I must be getting old though the 1st order was to swill down schnapps and beer at the end of the ride,  sometimes to the point of oblivion. This old body isn't up to that anymore
"Romania was by far the most memorable trip I've made for several years. 
It was a group tour, 16 motorcycles and 25 persons led by a Dane with "
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