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Thu Oct 17 11:08:20 PDT 2013

Mine is the black ABS model. I have to say that I have never been in a 
situation where the ABS saved my butt so I really can't tell whether it 
makes a difference or not. I felt it kick in once while braking in some 
loose gravel so I know it works. But you should probably not rely too 
much on it and do things you otherwise wouldn't do on a non-ABS bike. On 
a group tour to Romania earlier this year a ST 1300 rider slipped in 
some loose sand and dumped his bike although he did have ABS.

That being said there are absolutely no problems in owning an ABS model. 
Getting the wheels off and on requires some 10% more time and effort due 
to the ABS, otherwise no problems. I had an intermittent ABS failure 
once that lasted a few days. The ABS light would come on randomly while 
riding but could be reset by stopping and restarting the engine. The 
problem disappeared by itself before I got to look closer into it. Oh 
yes, and when you order new front brake pads, don't forget to tell that 
it is for the ABS Model. There is a difference between left and right 
that I don't think is applicable to the non-ABS model...?

Good luck with your hunt for another GPZ. Good to hear your loyalty to 
our beloved bike :)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 17-10-2013 17:20, Timothy Linke skrev:
> Hi,
> I recently dumped my 95 GPZ and it will most likely be totaled, I'm looking
> at an ABS one to replace it with. Any opinions/experience/thoughts on the
> ABS model?
> Tim.
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