GPZ for sale in Quogue , NY

masonjs at masonjs at
Fri Oct 25 15:25:26 PDT 2013

> I'm a cheap bastard

JHC none of the rest of us are like that.  We piss away $ like a 
sailor on leave.

The only reason this bunch bought GPzs is they felt sorry for the 3 
year old new ones sitting alone in showrooms and selling for 1/2 
price.  Some actually bought hem new.  Some of us bought 3 year old 
new ones at bargain basement prices.
But we'll all agree, they've got a motor that just won't quit.  
Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs and squids on 600 sport bikes are badly 
shaken when they take one on.
 They're not the best at heaving around on the twisties but capable.  
In a straight line from a dead stop there's not a handful of stuff 
that can touch a stock GPz .
I still miss the rush form Ruby's engine and if this member of the 
Purple gang from the Windy City doesn't jump on this black beast i may 
have to make a run to long island.



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