Travel plans US 2014

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Sat Mar 1 17:31:21 PST 2014

I'm at Death Valley National Park, so if you come through, let me know.

Be warned, it's sort of warm here in July (50+ celsius), so not ideal for camping.

Peter T
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From: Alexander Finger <af at>
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Subject: Travel plans US 2014
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 19:21:33 +0100

Hello List,
I'll be with the family from 21st of July for roughly three weeks on the
west coast, starting in LA going up past SFO, then inside through the
national parks and back to LA.
If there's any lister in that area might be we can have a bbq ;)
(I'll be in a motorhome, not on the bike).


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