Oil pressure warning light ON...!?! UPDATE

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Well  glad you found out what it was,  and it could have always been worse.  Never forget that.  At least you know nothing is wrong with your bike. That alone is a win. 

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I hate to say this. I really, really hate to say this, but... - It turns 
out that I DID forget a piece of paper rag in the top end while doing 
the valves... Convinced that it wasn't an electrical fault or a faulty 
oil pressure switch but rather an oil pump issue I took it to the 
dealer. The paper rag I must have forgotten was placed under the valve 
chain and must have been grabbed by the chain while turning the engine 
to get the cams in position. Result: Exactly as Ralph described - the 
oil pan was filled with the stuff, jamming the oil screen. Long story 
short - she's back on the street again, running as smooth as ever, but 
boy - it was an expensive mistake...

Thanks for all the advice offered :)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 14-02-2014 19:48, GPZ1100ABS skrev:
> I'm a little bit troubled to say at least.
> After completing the winter overhaul I had the engine started for the 
> first time since November. It fired right up and ran smoothly at fast 
> idle. After a minute or so the mechanical sound of the engine changed 
> a little bit - not much,  just barely noticeable. It was not rattling 
> or noisy or anything, just a little bit different. Not from the top 
> end, more like a change in the crank case. Not overly concerned I 
> decided to take it for a spin on the suburban road, just a couple of 
> hundred meters. During this the oil pressure warning light flashed a 
> couple of times, then a couple more times at a longer duration, then 
> finally it came on permanently. I stopped to check for oil leaks and 
> found none, plenty of oil in the engine. Fired it up again, the red 
> light remained on, shut down again.
> Of course I should have changed the oil and the filter before putting 
> her away for the winter. On the other hand the oil quality should not 
> degrade so much during winter as to cause engine failure at startup 
> months later?
> I have drained the oil and taken the filter out. Tomorrow I'll put in 
> a new filter and add fresh oil and see if the problem remains. But 
> given the little change in the sound of the engine I fear that 
> something mechanical has happened.
> The only work I have done on the engine this winter was valve 
> adjustment - something I have done more than a dozen times, and I 
> didn't drop anything in the crank case nor left any piece of cloth or 
> anything else in the top end. So what could it be? Can the oil pump 
> quit all of a sudden? Any ideas? The engine has run 158.000 km (almost 
> 100.000 miles), but last year it was still running smooth and with low 
> to moderate oil consumption (approx. 1 liter pr. 10.000 km)
> Ped
> '96 Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark
> PS: Fortunately I have George's engine sitting in the garage, but I'd 
> like this one to run just a little bit longer...

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