Sharkskinz on first gen

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Thu Aug 9 00:11:14 PDT 2007

Having just done all of this myself (search the archives) yes to all of 
your questions, especially price.  More details inline.

Erik Weber wrote:
> Required to fully race prep a first gen with Sharkskinz, according to
> someone at Sharkskinz:
> Upper
> Lower
> Tail
> Bracket kit
> Windscreen
> The total is around $970.
> Those of you running this, what else is required?
> For example, the stock gauges won't fit. Is there a cheap solution to
> have at least a tach?

If you are really desperate, the stock guages can be zip tied into a 
place (not a good place but *a* place) with the sharkskinz front.  I did 
this for 3 races before I decided I really didn't need the guages after all.

> Also, "Bracket kit" . . . I assume that includes the upper fairing bracket?

Bracket kit: you can make the stock bracket if you drill holes in the 
sharkskinz front in the right places and use standoffs.  That's your 
best way to mount the stock guages.  Most people use the GPtech fairing 
bracket and then you're zip tying the guages.

> Anything else? Fasteners? Just comparing my options and want to
> calculate a total price for each of them.

either $1.20 in screws/nuts or $20 in Dujus fasteners, your choice.

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