Footpeg bolt failed while riding

Dave C dlc-mica at
Sat Aug 25 18:53:54 PDT 2007

On my way home from work yesterday, which consisted of about 20 miles of 
rush-hour traffic on 101 and 880 from Sunnyvale to the East Bay, my right footpeg 
snapped off.  (Luckily it waited until I was in a store parking lot.)

Honestly I can't remember if I've removed that peg before or not, so I don't know 
if I overtorqued it.  As I mention in the captions I often crouch with my butt 
hovering above the seat to work on my legs for the track.  I had figured with 
all the punishment stock pegs take from fast track riders, they'd be OK.

OK so I'm bigger than the average track rider :)  Somewhere around 260 lbs.  But 
I'd figured since my legs were soaking up the road shocks this should have 
been OK.

I guess I'd better change the left bolt now too :)

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