Footpeg bolt failed while riding

Wade Bartlett wade.bartlett at
Sun Aug 26 05:48:49 PDT 2007

Donlon G. McGovern wrote:
>...I suspect the bolt was improperly tempered.

I disagree. The fracture face shows absolutely no metallurgical problems 
(granted something might turn up with an SEM or even a decent optical 
microscope, but given the photo we have to work with now, there's 
nothing visible).  Multiple minor fractures around the periphery suggest 
an initial overtorque, the beach marks" across the face indicate that 
the overtorque was followed by fatigue, which progressed in a modest 
number of steps (I can count at least 18 fracture progressions in that 
photo). The final fracture was at the angled part near the top of the 
fracture photo.

The real pisser is that you couldn't have found this developing problem 
with any sort of normal inspection. A cautionary tale for all of us.

Glad you're OK, Dave. Peace.  -W

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