Fixing clutch on first gen

Erik Weber yoober at
Sun Aug 26 11:58:20 PDT 2007

Since I've had my bike the shifting has been pretty clunky. Many times
it would not go into or out of first. That would sort of gradually go
away sometimes. During my last races there were several times when I
could not get it into fifth. Also it tends to slip into false neutrals
between second and third at times, which is pretty scary, but I
suppose this could be due to me not moving the peg far enough during
shifts. I am using AMSOIL.

One day I got pissed off and did something really stupid when it
wouldn't come out of first. I reached down with my hand and grabbed
the peg and yanked it upward, mangling my shift rod. I managed to bend
it back and the bike will shift but that's about when it started not
going into fifth. Maybe I caused more internal damage when I did that.

Another thing is that the clutch lever is extremely hard to pull in.
I've just learned to live with that. Not sure if that is a separate

So, I would appreciate it if someone out there could diagnose the
problem and give me the most economical solution to getting my clutch
back to "like new" or better. I would like to do the work myself if I

Does the clutch need to be rebuilt, replaced or just repaired? What
parts do I need and what is the general process? Can I get that side
bolt off without an air wrench?

2001 SV650S.

Thanks for your help,

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