What does this part do?

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Ahhh, that makes sense.  Thanks for the history.

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that part came out in year 00 better known as recall plate.
it was suzuki way of fixing oil starvation at pump after rod bearings 
started to go bad because they were using sv400 cases.
99 cases have another plate right next to it.this first 99 cases are direct 
from sv400.later they added little to case in casting proces but not 
enough.reason for that recall plate.in 03 they made new cases and closed 
without that plate you are risking rod bearing failure due to pistons 
pumping oil away from pick up.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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Subject: What does this part do?

> Totally unimportant question for the engine guys.  Just curious.  I was
> rebuilding my motor this weekend for the first time with my buddy Jason, 
> and
> we were debating the purpose of this part:
> _k1_k2.bmp
> 11B - right bottom corner.  It's labeled as "PLATE, OIL".  11391-20F20
> It slots into a dished out area in the other crankcase half.  It doesn't
> look strong enough to reinforce anything, and if it's just blocking oil
> flow. why isn't the other crankcase half designed to be solid there 
> instead?
> Thanks
> Greg
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