Brake Upgrades

Mike Carter, Jr. wacky_woodchuck at
Wed Dec 5 05:18:34 PST 2007

I have experience with the RC51 master, but not the 02~05 R6 master.  From what I have gathered on here, if you could find an 06+ R6 master, that's the one you want.

The RC51 master is a nice upgrade, I feel (literally and figuratively) for the SV.  With a set of race pads, good synthetic fluid and braided lines, my brakes do more than I could ever ask of them.  I have the power when I need it, modulation from here to the moon and great feel for when trail braking.  I am running the stock front end with traxxion internals and stock calipers as well.  The improvement over the stock M/C was huge.  No more on/off feeling that I had.  I tried everything to fix the stock m/c.  With my brakes set up as mentioned, but with the stock M/C, as soon as I put on the was a new machine.  I could brake later and harder at Mid-Ohio with out the feeling of loosing front grip (same tires, Pilot Power).  The feel was amazing the first time I rode the bike.  With the stocker, I was always worried about too much brake or when I squeeze, will I get 50% power or 75% power or 25% power????  Who knew.  Well, I know now.

But for under $100 a try, I think it's worth it to try a few different M/C's and see which one fits your riding style.


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Okay, back to brakes...  any thoughts which would be better, and why?

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yes,only difference between them is bore and stroke.
never hear anybody complain about newer gen R6 master.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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> Is it accurate to say that the master cylinder is interchangeable between
> nearly any sport bike?
> Is there a model year of R6 that you recommend?

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