Shock question

Steve Aronson stevewins at
Wed Dec 12 13:16:37 PST 2007

That's what I told them, some of the top racers in the country use Penskes
(I do too, but I'm a street rider)  I'm stingray in that thread btw, so,
what would be a good technical response to set the record straight on the
subject.    Seems to me if he just needs a different shim stack, no?


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> Yes.  There are a no SV guys riding Penskes in the AFM who get in the
> top ten, except for nine of them.
> On Dec 12, 2007, at 12:52 PM, Steve Aronson wrote:
> > Take a look at this thread, is Mr. Sunshine correct in saying that
> > Penske
> > shocks are impossible to tune because of the blow off valve?
> >
> >,18002.0/all.html
> >
> > Steve
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