minimum race bike setup page is up

KC Gager kc at
Mon Dec 24 10:23:04 PST 2007

Hi Jo 
Thanks for putting me on your list. One thing, we are in Pacheco Ca not
Walnut Creek. Also I think the price on the belly pan is pounds which make
it almost 400.00 US plus shipping. As to safety wiring I don't mind the work
but a new racer is better off doing there own wiring. Why? So he or she can
get a feel for what is on the bike and how it is put together. It's all part
of become one with the machine stuff... 
KC Gager
BRG Racing Products
"We Have Sickness For Quickness"
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You can see the page I'm putting together for minimum entry racebike 

It still needs a lot of work, obviously.  And I'm sure I got some things 
wrong.  Clue me in, please ;-)

Jo Rhett : velociRaptor Racing
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