minimum race bike notes

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Mon Dec 24 10:53:44 PST 2007

Patrick Mullen wrote:
>> Oh I know that, I meant as a generalized list of possible upgrades.
>> I'd separate them by superstock/proddy versus superbike/formula on
>> the upgrades page.
> Don't confuse the page.  If it's a page on minimum required to start
> racing, leave it as the minimum required to get racing.  Simplicity is key.

That's what I've done, check it out.

I mean that I will *also* do another page about all the different 
possible upgrades.  Mostly as a place to put down all of my notes, and 
to help anyone else going through the same process.  Something I would 
have loved to find at the time.

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