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vik anderson eeeeek at
Mon Dec 24 14:18:16 PST 2007

To echo that, before I started racing I could barely do anything on a
bike. Since that time, I've screwed up a clutch, gone through about a
dozen different drill bits, overtorqued various bits, forgotten
others, etc. In the end, I at least try now before asking Zoran for

As far as learning to drill and wire, it is very nice to have someone
show you how to do the first couple of bolts. I can't be the only one
that looked at my first set of safety wire pliers and though "how the
hell do these work?"

On 12/24/07, Architeuthis dux <rg-sv650 at> wrote:
> Jo Rhett wrote:
> > Randy Grein wrote:
> >> What about some of the people who don't know which end of a drill to
> >> hold? (grin) Honestly, some of the newer bikers are totally untrained
> >> and can't turn a wrench without help. It's good they have someone they
> >> can turn to...
> >
> > *sheepishly raises hand* uh, Hi.
> >
> I have to agree with KC... all it takes to become "experienced" is to do
> it.  I slipped through tech with an unwired caliper bolt one time, so
> you can't count on them to find everything.  Unless you have mechanics
> with you at the track all the time, doing it yourself will make it so
> that you have a better feel what to look for when you do safety checks.
> Stuff that scared me that I'd never done before 2007...
> - fit a full fairing to a bike
> - safety wired
> - rebuilt forks
> - removed both wheels
> - swapped gas tank guts
> - replaced clutch parts
> - had a bike stripped down to nothing but an engine in a frame
> Just double the time estimates, read up on the procedure, consider
> calling someone for suggestions if you get into a tricky situation, and
> go for it!
> -rg, who has at least one bolt reinforced with several broken-off drill
> bits.


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