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Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at
Mon Dec 24 14:26:43 PST 2007

Jo Rhett wrote:
 > This page lists every sv650 bodywork I can find:

FYI - the Cheetah fairing and their heavy craptastic brackets totally 
suck on the 2nd generation bikes, in my opinion.  I think they should be 
professionally embarassed for even claiming it fits.  (If someone 
disagrees, I'll happily sell them the one I have sitting around at a 
steep discount from what I paid.)  I've heard tales of the Cheetah 
fairing being mounted, but it isn't a straightforward fit as far as I 
can tell.  I sent numerous emails asking for help, with a set of 
questions, and they basically would cherry-pick one question from the 
list and answer that one (incorrectly).  For example, I asked about one 
particular bolt, and they responded with a photo of a Gen-1 bike that 
had that mounting spot in a totally different location.  They're either 
dishonest or incompetent or unprofessional, take your pick.  (Rant over, 

On the other hand, the Gen2 Armour Bodies fairing fits without any drama 
at all, other than having to do some simple dremel work for handlebar 
clearance (at least if you start with a naked SV and go the "Woodcraft 
clip-ons below the triple tree" approach.  Not sure about the SVS.


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