Winter Riding, helmet speakers

Greg Maust gmaust at
Mon Dec 24 17:17:41 PST 2007

I have the DL handguards on my 00 naked with Bikemaster Superbike bars, and
I love them.  They do a good job of blocking wind and rain, as has been well
documented on the webernets.  I actually take them off in the summer because
it gets too warm (when you leave the Seattle area, haha).

Re: Sounds, I have an Autocomm setup and I absolutely love it.  The intercom
aspects are as incredible as portrayed in advertising, but more relevantly
the system's pure audio aspects are equally superb.  With the speakers
inside my helmet liner I never have to take my helmet on-and-off fiddling
with getting earbuds just right, and I can wear earplugs.  The sound quality
is really, really good.

Gregory Maust

From: Randy Grein <randygrein at>
> Subject: Re: Winter riding update
> I'll think about the heated grips, but probably more about the hand
> protectors. Solves both problems (heat and rain) at the same time, I
> just need to figure out if they will fit with the superbike bars I
> have now.


> What helmet speakers are you using? I've seen nothing that would even
> remotely work; even then I can't imagine dealing with the sound coming
> over wind noise. The specific ear buds I listed do stay in with any
> helmet I've tried.
> <snip>

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