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Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at
Tue Dec 25 10:43:08 PST 2007

> Don't use Scotts -- reports of problems on the SV650

What problems?  I haven't heard of any and a 30 second web search
didn't turn up anything.  I have one on mine and it works quite well.

The previous owner of the unit did "fix" a fitment problem by grinding
part of the base plate.

Nice page.  Back when I started, I found a great "intro to racing"
guide that used an SV650 as the base.  I can see if I can find the
link again if you're interested, but you seem to have covered most
of it.

Don't the twin-spark SVs have plastic covers on both sides of the
bike?  I haven't looked into them, and I haven't heard anyone talk
about racing them

2003 Triumph Sprint ST
2004 (race) / 2001 (street) Suzuki SV650
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