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Tue Dec 25 17:47:46 PST 2007

On Tue, December 25, 2007 10:43 am, Patrick Mullen wrote:
>> Don't use Scotts -- reports of problems on the SV650
> What problems?  I haven't heard of any and a 30 second web search
> didn't turn up anything.  I have one on mine and it works quite well.

Someone told me that theirs had clearance problems and they blamed it for
a crash.  Zoran told me to avoid the Scott's and with those two
recommendations I came to this conclusion.

> The previous owner of the unit did "fix" a fitment problem by grinding
> part of the base plate.

Perhaps this is why?  I dunno.

I'm willing to remove the comment unless someone can explain the problem. 

> Nice page.  Back when I started, I found a great "intro to racing"
> guide that used an SV650 as the base.  I can see if I can find the link
> again if you're interested, but you seem to have covered most of it.

Yes, definitely if you can find it.

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